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Are you tired and exhausted dealing with your practice collections, insurance companies, and billing process? Well, the answer to your question is to find the best medical billing company in the United States, which helps you to get rid of the collection problems It can be hard to find the top medical billing firm for your practice, however outsourcing billing staff can be the most profitable thing you can do for your practice. We provide solutions for payments with easy and professional revenue cycle management.We will boost up your productivity and secure the cash flow with faster processing of claims, resulting in better care assessment of your patients and overall experience. There would be no collection problems anymore from your clients.Allow us to implement the perfect solutions for your practice.

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Benefits Of Our Medical Billing and Coding Company

Following are the most important benefits of our medical billing and coding agency:

Easier transaction

We offer the latest software and management tools to provide an easy and smooth transaction.

Faster turnaround

Our Billers and coders will deliver the task before the scheduled turnaround time and will give you an edge over other billing outsourcing companies.

US healthcare updates

Due to recent healthcare changes and challenges, especially the Covid-19, the US healthcare industry brought about new guidelines and protocols to follow, which is a big task for medical billing companies around the USA.

Security and data protection

Our agency is fully HIPAA compliant, therefore, there would be no information security issues.

Business continuity

Even in the time of Pandemic, we are ready to handle your bills and provide you with the best solution and answers to make sure your business continuity.

Enrolment and providers credentialling

According to the black book survey, one of the reasons behind claims rejection is enrolment and credentialing issues, therefore we offer our clients an error-free service.

Increase and Boost Your Cash Flow with High-Quality Back Office Support

Prime billing experts provide a wide range of efficient healthcare back-office support and revenue cycle management services for the physician to increase their revenue stream using our revenue cycle management software.

With our professionals and consultants, we are going to increase your cash flow by providing you the best billing processes and billing solution with our quick, innovative and efficient revenue cycle management process.

Our experts' billing experience will handle all your billing tasks and revenues for you to have the best practices.

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Why Should you Outsource Your Medical Billing to an Agency?

As you know, "time is money" and outsourcing your medical billing to an agency will save you a lot of time and money, which is directly proportional to the growth of your practice.

Furthermore, outsourcing your medical billing, coding, collections, and credentialling will allow you and your staff to work more comfortably without worrying about the bills and will provide you more time, which allows you to get extra time and focus for your patients.

It is highly recommended for a medical practice owner to have an outsourcing medical billing agency partner in order to get the following benefits:

  • 1.Automatic check on patient's eligibility from the insurance company
  • 2.Lessen the coding and billing flaws
  • 3.Patient data protection
  • 4.Boost productivity
  • 5.Stay updated about the Regulatory compliance
  • 6.Lower cost billing actIt is highly recommended for a medical practice owner to have an outsourcing medical billing agency partner in order to get the following benefits:ivity
  • 7.Faster claims processing for higher cash flow

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Our Top Medical Billing Company Features

Following are the key features that make our company one of the best medical billing service companies in the USA.


Quick response means quick and better assessments of increased revenue and quicker cash flow with high-quality back-officesupports. Furthermore, our quick response specialty will lead toward higher customer satisfaction and better support service for easy and quick patient management.


Our medical billing collection agency offers a highly secure data protection facility and data backup that allows the patients to completely trust the practitioners. Data protection is an important key feature that you should consider for the prosperity of your practice.


Our well-trusted healthcare back-office support services follow HIPAA compliance guidelines and necessary protocols in order to keep the data of both the healthcare providers and medical billing companies in the USA, secure and safe.Our billers are 100% HIPAA compliant and keep ourselves updated with the latest HIPAA requirements to keep your practices growing.


Our medical services assist you with the important revenue cycle factor management of payer credentialing. Our billing team experts will help you to make the insurance credentialling process quick and efficient.


Our medical billing and coding company coders' experience will take care of all your medical coding and auditing to ensure that the focus is being on the important and key factors of your practice, which will bring about growth and productivity to your business.

Claims Tracking and
Resolution Option

Our medical insurance billing company ensures the insurance data of the patients are valid and furthermore, allows the office manager and the physicians have a track of all the claims and resolution options for further assessment.
Furthermore, our medical claims keep the track of all the claims for you for easy and quick access and resolution.

Patient Scheduling
Software Services

Our billing software services provide easy and quick patient scheduling using software that saves practitioners and their staff time. This service would be very beneficial for your small and large practices since it deals and handles your patient scheduling for you and allows your staff to get more time for the patients.

Check and

Our medical billing collections company will keep a check and balance over each of your minor and major problems and therefore offer the best customer service for you. Our clients find out our check and balance specialty very effective and beneficial


We offer transparent reporting of all the claims, billing, and payments for our client's satisfaction and trust. Transparent reporting is also very important to better understand the process and procedure of the billings and payments for the clients.

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Our Billing Process for Optimum
Collection for Medical Practice

Claim Transmission

Transmission of claim reports to the medical billing staff to review the claim before transmission to the insurance company.

Retrieval of Medical Claims

Retrieving the claims reports for checking their completeness and validity before putting them into further processing.

Medical Coding

Diagnosis of the reports by the doctors according to the HIPAA guidelines and protocols.

Charge Entry

Cross-checking the status of the claim report with the help of data provided by the insurance companies.


Then we go through and process the claim reports, ensuring a flawless procedure on our way to get the payments.

Medical Report Transmission

Transmission of claims to the concerned staff for further processing using electronic health records (EHR).

Claim Submission

Submission of the claims to the insurance companies for the payments.

Account Receivables

Accurate follow-up with the insurer about the payments.

Our Medical
Billing Services support

Prime billing agency provides better services and solutions using effective bill collection strategies and the billing software technology. We offer you all core support that would give you an edge over your competitors in the market.

Moreover, we will enable healthcare providers to adapt to the latest regulatory changes without impacting the business side of their practice.

Our medical billing services include:

Denial Management Services

Another important factor to be handled is the payments issues for which we offer denial management servicing that fix such sophisticated challenges to ensure faster reimbursements and maintain a constant flow of cash into the practice.

Our experts will find out the reason behind the denial first, which is the first step and is known as root cause analysis, and then resolve the shortfall.

Our denial management system includes:

  • Government and Clinical appeal
  • Multiplex denials
  • Denial management facility
  • Payment programs

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Our RCM services offer valid, result-oriented, and efficient revenue cycle solutions that ensure quick and easy management of your practice collections process. Our experts and professionals make sure a well-organized and time-saving revenue flow for your practice.

Medical Coding Services

Our agency will take care of all your medical coding and auditing to ensure that the focus is being on the important and key factors of your practice, which will bring about growth and productivity to your business.

we use the latest coding technologies to guarantee the stimulation and increase of your cash flow with high-quality back-office support.

Medical Billing Services

When it comes to billing services for small and large medical practices, we offer a proven and effective control billers facility for you to get on-time payments from the insurance companies.

Our medical outsourcing firm handles the following services for healthcare professionals:

  • Healthcare Provider enrolment
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Benefit verification
  • Fee schedule plus reviews and analysis
  • Secondary insurance billing
  • EHR software
  • Permission and tracking
  • Account receivables management
  • Posting and display of insurance and patient payments
  • Old account receivables recovery
  • Claims submission
  • Extensive insurance follow-up
  • Patient statements processing and mailing
  • Denial management and review
  • The appeal of all denied claims
  • The appeal of low paid claims

Insurance Verification Services

Another important facility we offer is our insurance verification service, which ensures that the data filled and entered is accurate and error-free as well. Our insurance verification facility manages all data related to the patient's medical plan, and that plan includes treatment, consultation, drug prescription, etc.

We will help you with the following:

  • Patient Insurance Authorization
  • Insurance Pre-Authorization/li>
  • Patient Insurance Health Benefits Eligibility
  • Healthcare Prior Authorization

Medical Claims Processing

Our medical claims processing will reduce the volume of rejected claims which will directly affect and increase your revenue cycle for higher productivity and money flow.

We also offer sub-services under the medical claims processing support service and which are given below:

  • Medical Claim Data Validation
  • Medical Claim Data Entry
  • Medical Claim Data Indexing and Archiving
  • Medical Claims Administration Supports
  • Data Maintenance and Cleansing
  • Medical Claim-related Finance and Accounting BPO Services
  • Data Processing of all Medical Insurance Claim Forms, including UB-04, HCFA, CMS-1500, UB92, Dental Claims Forms

Dealing with the Insurance companies

Our agency will deal with the insurers on your behalf, which would save more energy for you to take care of your patients.


What is medical billing company?

A medical billing company is an agency that offers lots of service to healthcare providers and physicians in order to have a prosperous and growing practice throughout their carrier. The billing agency saves you money from investing in billing staff members and other things, and saves you time by doing all your billing in order to increase your cash flow with High-Quality Back Office Support.

How much do medical billing companies charge?

The charge of outsourcing medical billing companies depends on the services, requirements, and resources you need to have to handle your business. If you want to get a crystal clear and exact amount of charge, fill out our form and we will tell you the amount right away.

Is the medical billing business profitable?

In Today's era, it is not just profitable but also secure and easy. A medical billing business saves you lots of time and money and will help you to grow your business without any limits.

How do I choose a medical billing company?

You can easily choose a medical billing company once you have gone through our content. All the necessary features are mentioned on our site go through and you will get everything.

Who will answer my billing questions?

Our dedicated staff is available to answer any questions that you might have related to any bill.

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Our Medical Billing Services are Available All Across the USA

  • Florida - Best Medical Billing Companies in Florida.
  • California- Top Medical Billing Company in California.
  • Dallas- Best Medical coding and Billing Company Dallas.
  • NJ- Medical Billing Company in NJ.
  • Physician Billing Company Chicago.
  • Best Medical billing service in Illinois
  • Georgia- Leading Medical Billing Companies in Georgia
  • Top Healthcare biller in Orlando

Our Billing Agency Covers the Following Medical Professions:

  • Emergency physician billing
  • Doctors' billing service
  • Laboratory billing services
  • Urology billing
  • Psychiatric billing services
  • Psychotherapy billing services
  • Dental billing company